How to Find Room for Your Hobbies at Home

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As your hobby grows, you may find yourself running out of space to store supplies. There’s not enough room to stack boxes and bins in your living room or dining room, and you may not have an extra bedroom that you can convert to a hobby room. However, there are other options including these three!

Clean Out a Closet

If you have a closet you don’t use much, consider converting it into storage for your hobby supplies. Once you clean it out, you’ll probably be surprised how much you can donate or discard. Any leftover items can be relocated to other closets and cabinets in your home.

It’s easier to start with a blank slate, so remove any rods, shelves, or hooks inside the closet. Repair any holes and paint. Then, design the interior to fit your needs. Shelves are very versatile because they can be adjusted and can hold a range of sizes and shapes of bins, baskets, and jars.

Build a Shed

If your hobbies require large-space storage, think about building a backyard shed. This can be especially useful for outdoor sports equipment or power tools, or if you need space for completed projects like model airplanes or trains. A shed can give you room to work on projects as well. Post frame construction reduces costs compared to other building methods. It also takes less time to put up. Once it’s completed, you can add electric power, lights, and heating and air conditioning, if you wish. Inside, the shed can be equipped with cabinets, shelving, or whatever storage you need.

Make Room in the Basement

Even if your basement is unfinished, you may be able to carve out a corner just for your hobby. There will be power and lighting already in place. Make sure that the basement is dry, and avoid the basement if your hobby items, such as musical instruments, are sensitive to humidity. You can get freestanding plastic or metal shelves that will be able to hold heavy bins, if needed. Heavy-duty plastic drawers and cabinets will also work great in a basement. You can cover the floor with an area rug and set up a folding table.

You should have a dedicated space in your home for your hobby and supplies. Whether you need storage or room to work, it is possible to create a hobby room for a low cost and with little effort. Consider these options to create space for the fun parts of your life!

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