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How to Evaluate a Home’s Environmental Impact


Your home can have a major impact on the environment. It takes a lot of energy to build and run your home which requires you to use valuable resources. You can evaluate a home’s environmental impact through the following methods!

Material Use

If you are buying or living in an existing home, you don’t have much of a choice in the materials used. If you are building or remodeling, however, there are ways to check the materials you plan to use for how environmentally friendly they are. After all, the materials used in your home have an impact on the environment by how they are made, disposed of, and if they can be recycled. Building or renovating with these materials can help reduce the impact of your home on the environment. Your material use can also reduce your environmental impact by ensuring your home is more energy efficient. Insulating your home well, for instance, means less heat and cold escapes and you use less energy for temperature regulation.

Energy Consumption

A modern home design can save you thousands in home energy costs. A modern home design maximizes space and incorporates it into the environment around it. Natural light is a great method to reduce energy, just by using well placed windows to illuminate rooms and in effect using a reduced amount of artificial light. Check your current energy bill, and see what areas of use can be minimized. Utilizing eco friendly materials as well as proper insulation can help you save on energy consumption as well. In addition to the home’s structure, newer and more efficient appliances can be installed to further reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Water Use

Your water footprint is a measure of the fresh water you use. You use large amounts of water daily without realizing it such as showers, washing dishes, laundry, and in cooking. Much of this water you even need to heat, which contributes to more energy use. Water is renewable, but it is limited and so checking on how much of it you are currently using is a great idea. Have a plumber check to ensure that you don’t have any leaks, monitor if you have any leaky faucets, and even the efficiency of your toilet and shower to measure their impact on the environment.

Your home has a big impact on the environment. By looking at materials used, energy consumption, and water use you can find ways to lessen this impact. Any reduction in environmental impact will be both beneficial for the environment and will oftentimes reduce how much you spend on resources long-term.

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