How to Ensure Your Garden Yields Produce This Season


Having a garden can be incredibly rewarding, but if you don’t get anything out of it at the end, it can feel very frustrating. You can take steps to make sure your garden is as successful as possible so you have an amazing harvest to pay you back for all your hard work. When you do gardening right, it can be an amazing way to feed yourself food that you know is good for you.

Plant at the Right Time

Every plant has an ideal planting time, but some of those times are going to be longer or shorter than others. If you are planting things at the wrong time of year, it can make it impossible for the plant to flourish and produce fruit. Some plants need to be planted early in the season and take a long time to grow, while others may even need to be planted in the fall. Knowing what plants you want and when to plant them can help you schedule out your garden for the best possible results.

Optimize the Growing Conditions

You also want to create the optimal growing conditions for each kind of plant. To do this you will want to take into account how each plant will grow, how much light a plant needs and what nutrients the soil should have. Chicken manure is particularly rich in nitrogen, which plants need to grow. Different plants should be in different sections of the garden, and you can use large plants that require a lot of sunlight to shade other plants that need less. 

Plan Out Watering

You can choose to water your plants by hand yourself, or have a watering schedule that is taken care of automatically. Make sure you plan for watering from the earliest days of your garden. Plan out a schedule and a watering order that will ensure every plant has what they need and nothing will get over watered. When you have a watering plan it will make it easier to follow through and get every plant the water it needs.

Your garden can be a true success, but only if you take steps to make that happen. It’s okay to start really simple and add more over the years as you gain confidence. Your goal should be to create a garden that makes you happy and gives you room to blossom.

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