How to Declutter and Make More Room in Your Garage


Your garage was built to hold your car, but it’s also a catch-all for tools, seasonal items, and anything else that doesn’t quite make it into the house. Over time, stuff accumulates, and you may find it difficult to fit your car inside. If you’re running out of room, it’s time to declutter.

Organize Everything

It’s so frustrating to walk into a cluttered garage and try to find that one specific wrench that you need for your project amid the stacks and clutter of who-knows-what. Organize your garage by creating special spaces for groups of similar items, such as ladders in one area and lawn tools in another, and so on.

Investing in quality toolboxes, shelving, and cabinets can also help you organize. A multi-drawer tool chest can replace many small boxes and bins and keep all your hand tools protected and within reach. Line the walls with shelves and get plastic bins for storage.

Build More Storage

You can free up a lot of room in your garage by building a shed in your backyard. The shed can easily hold bulky items like lawn equipment, bicycles, large tools like table saws, and sports gear. And, you might be able to install a workbench.

Post frame construction reduces costs compared to other building methods. These types of buildings are available in a number of sizes and styles to fit your storage needs and the size of your yard. You can equip the inside with lighting and electricity.

Have a Garage Sale

If you’re like most people, you haven’t used many of the things cluttering up your garage for several years. Maybe it’s time to get rid of some of it. Start by taking your used electronics and old paint cans to the recycling center.

Then, hold a garage sale and get rid of the bikes your kids have outgrown and the toys they don’t play with anymore. Sell your extra crock pots and the bread machine that you used only once. You’ll free up a lot of space and might make some cash, also.

Once you’ve reclaimed space in your garage and organized everything neatly, you’ll be amazed by the transformation. You’ll be easily able to access anything you need, and you’ll have more room for your car. Now, you’ll just have to develop good habits to keep it clear and uncluttered.

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