How to Accelerate Your Path to a Degree


You can choose an accelerated degree path for a multitude of reasons. If you’re trying to get a higher paying position in your company, or just want to save on time, there are ways you can help your degree go by faster. These are a few of the things you can try.

Test Out of Classes

In many cases, you have the option to get credit for classes by passing the final exam. Whether or not you’ve been enrolled in the class, you can test out of it to receive credit. This helps for some of the general studies classes. For example, you may be able to easily test out of many lower level classes that are prerequisites for those in your degree program. If you decide to take this course of action, don’t take the final exams without studying first. Even if you think you know everything they could cover in an English 101 class, do some extra studying. There are many general online study guides you can access for free on sites like Quizlet. Taking time to look over these study guides can help you determine whether or not you’ll be able to test out of these classes.

Take Classes Online

Taking online classes is another great way to accelerate your degree path. Online classes offer more flexibility if you have a job and other responsibilities. This option helps you be able to work classes around a schedule they normally wouldn’t fit into. Going to campus to take classes might not work for your lifestyle. Online classes allow you to progress toward your degree on your own schedule. Many prestigious universities offer online or hybrid degree options, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a great option to consider if your schedule doesn’t allow for the regular college schedule.

Get Credit for What You’re Already Doing

If you’re doing things outside of your coursework that relate to your degree, you may be able to get course credit for them. Certain jobs and volunteer opportunities can count for college credit. Meet with your guidance counselor or the dean of your degree program to determine if anything you’re already doing can help you get closer to graduation. Many degree programs encourage and appreciate any real-world experience you can get while in your program. Even if you’re not able to count this for class credit, you may be able to use this experience as an assignment or extra credit. Speak with your professors and see if your experience qualifies for that.

Whatever your situation in life, there are ways to make getting an education work for you. One of these ways is taking an accelerated degree path to reach graduation earlier. This may sound impossible, but these are just a few of the ways you can speed the process along.

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