How Can I Be a More Environmentally Conscious Homeowner?


Most of the resources we use are consumed within the four walls of our own home. When considering how to be greener in your daily actions, many of the changes you will need to make will concern how you use your house amenities and resources. Consider these three ideas as you strive to be more environmentally conscious.

Use Fewer Resources

Of all things to reduce, using less energy in your home significantly lowers its carbon footprint. How to do this comes in multiple forms. You can use energy more efficiently, for instance, by improving your house’s insulation or investing in more efficient air conditioning and heating. You can also practice energy-efficient habits such as letting the temperature be higher in the summer and lower in the winter or turning off any lights you don’t need. These practices will not only lower your monthly bills but help you to know that you are making a difference.

Build Sustainably

Being environmentally conscious is just as important when building a home as living in it. Remember first, that the larger the house is the larger the resources and energy use will need to be. When figuring out what goes inside the house, however, doing all the research on which refrigerator, light bulbs, water heaters, dishwashers, etc. will be eco-friendly might get exhausting. For an easy guide on which appliances and materials to choose, you should follow Energy Star guidelines for a more sustainable home. When it is built and ready, it will also reflect the kind of green lifestyle you want to live.

Use Recyclable Materials

Living in a house produces all sorts of waste, whether that is in your kitchen, bathroom, or office. If you invest in buying materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable, however, you contribute to making the earth a cleaner place. Examples of this include buying recycled paper, plastic, and glass, and of course you yourself recycling things like paper, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. For bigger waste like furniture when you are updating your home, consider donating old items to a resale store instead of putting it at the side of the road.

Though no single person can change the world, the changes you can make add up to a big difference. In your own home, remember to be environmentally conscious about what you build with, add on, and use every day. In the end, houses come and go, but the earth is every person’s irreplaceable home.

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