How Are Rare Celebrity Collectibles Even Found?


When you see a rare celebrity collectible up for sale, you probably wonder, “How did someone even find that autographed Jimi Hendrix guitar?” If you’re interested in collecting celebrity autographs, antiques or memorabilia, you can take several approaches to add these precious items to your inventory of treasures.

Flea Markets

While most people don’t typically think of flea markets as luxurious, they are one of the places that celebrity collectibles can often be found. This article talks about how surprisingly, many celebrities also like to shop at flea markets.

This company talks about how most flea markets specialize in antiques and vintage items, which naturally, over time, become more difficult but not impossible to find. Some have been able to make flipping stuff at flea markets a side hustle brining in $50-$500 a week. Celebrities, however, tend to have more collectibles than the average citizen. Many people ask antique dealers where they get their stuff, and most say from everywhere, including flea markets.

Other outlets at which you can find celebrity collectibles are live auctions, online auctions and garage sales. In general, finding rare antiques has become more difficult. With celebrity sales, however, you have much more of a chance of hitting a gold mine. In fact, if you live in or happen to be in the L.A. area, you have a good chance of running into a celebrity garage sale event, too.

Storage Units

Celebrities often have many valuables that they put into storage. Like with everyone else, celebrities’ homes can’t hold everything that they own. Or, there may be some things that the celebrity does not wish to store in his or her home. When they put items into storage, they must keep up on the monthly payments, or they risk having the items sold from underneath them. This company talks about, many times, storage units that belonged to celebrities are sold, and they may or may not have contents worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are many reasons why it’s possible to obtain valuable celebrity collectibles from storage units. It could be that the celebrity has fallen on hard times and is unable to keep up on storage payments, or perhaps they’ve decided that they really don’t care about the items in storage anymore and are willing to let them go.

Additionally, the unit could belong to a fan who can no longer afford to store their collectibles. Another situation is when a celebrity or fan passes away, and their family decides to let their stored items be sold at auction rather than continuing to keep up on storage payments.

Reselling Your Celebrity Items

If you happen to own a celebrity collectible at the present, reselling it is one of your options. If it happens to be a celebrity collectible, you can resell it for up to 35 times the original amount. This article talks about a woman who once bought a bunch of $1.00 NWT dresses from the Kardashians and resold them on eBay for at least 25 times the amount.

Celebrity collectibles are often worth hefty prices, and because of that, they can be good investments. As a result, it is often every antique collector’s dream to own and sell celebrity collectibles.

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