Home Improvement Projects to Complete as the Weather Warms

Builder Carrying Out Home Improvements Taking A Break

As the weather warms up, spring cleaning is in full swing. You likely have a mountain of projects just waiting to be completed. Knowing where to start and how to get started is one of the most difficult tasks. Below are a few different projects you can complete, which will greatly increase your satisfaction with where you live and give you a fresh start for spring.

Wash Your Home Exterior

Over the course of the year, the exterior of your house puts up with a lot of environmental changes. Wind, rain, snow, and any number of debris find a way to stick to your home. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get all that gunk off your house, you should consider pressure washing your home. Pressure washing your home is an environmentally friendly, safe, and effective way to clean the outside of your home. You may be surprised by how beneficial it is to spray down your house when you see just how much gunk is washed off.

New Paint

After you have finished spraying down your house, you may want to consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Some areas of your house are more prone to wear than others, these areas often fade or become damaged. As an aesthetic and preventative measure, a new coat of paint can help protect and repair the exterior of your home.

When considering new paint, you have unlimited options. You can just fix problem areas to maintain the lifespan of your home. Or you can choose an entirely different color to give your house exterior an instant makeover. Whatever look you choose, use weather resistant paint materials, and make sure the surface of your house is clean before painting.

Fix Your Roof

It is important to check your roof and perform maintenance following any winter damage. Damage may include loose, missing, or old tiles, leaks, and the buildup of debris. If you do not perform regular maintenance, your roof could be vulnerable to leaks which have the potential to cause interior damage to walls and floors. Due to water damage, the roof could also become soft and rot away. From a financial perspective, it is much easier to fix small issues than spring for a new roof or pay for costly repairs later. Fixing your roof will protect you and your family from any future challenges down the road.

Redesign Your Patio

The environment can be tough on your patio. Water and small debris find their way into the cracks and as the outside temperature fluctuates, they expand and shrinks accordingly. This expansion by the water and small debris perpetuates more cracks and damage to your patio.

If you would like to avoid replacing your patio, most experts recommend placing a sealcoat on your patio every two to three years. Sealcoating can make your concrete last longer by increasing durability. A new coat on your concrete or otherwise will also add shine and luster to your patio, making it feel fresh and inviting for the upcoming summer BBQs.

Clean Out Your Garage

With the constant open and close of the garage door and the traction it undergoes, it can become quite dirty. Clean up any debris that may have blown in or left by your tire tracks. Organize areas that often get forgotten about. Discard any harmful or expired chemicals. Store the rock-salt, snow shovels, and other winter gear in their proper place so they don’t get damaged or lost before the next winter season begins.

While your garage is a middle ground for the outside and inside world, your garage does not have to look like it. Keeping it clean and tidy will prevent insects and unwanted pests from finding a home inside. Following organization, you can relax knowing where everything is.

Check Your Plumbing

Plumbing issues are a quick way to spend a lot of money and not catching issues early can lead to a host of other problems. Take the time to inspect your pipes, clean out drains, and generally make sure everything is running properly in your plumbing. It would also be a good idea to check your water heater and flush it.

It is also a good idea to make sure all your sprinklers are working properly.Fix any pipes or sprinkler heads that were broken over the winter. Performing maintenance before watering season begins will give you plenty of time to identify and fix any issues with your watering system.

Prepare Your Garden for Planting

Now that your sprinkler situation is figured out, you can prepare your garden for planting. This includes getting rid of dead plants and making space for new ones. Clear a space that will receive the proper amount of shade and sunlight for what you want to harvest. You may also want to consider adding nutrients, like mulch, to your soil which will help your garden grow.

Tidy Other Areas

Finally, you should consider tidying up the other areas of your house exterior. During the winter, it is common for debris like dirt, dead leaves, and trash to accumulate in unique places all over your property. Scoping your property for any clutter or trash that may have built up is an easy way to tidy up the area. If you neglect this task, the debris can create unwanted mold that could provide housing for pests, give off unpleasant smells, and eat away at the surfaces it finds itself on.

By following these suggestions, you will have the outside of your house ready for summer in no time. During your cleaning process, you may find the fresh air and physical exertion uplifting. At the very least, the outcome will help you soak in the sun and experience family gatherings and peaceful relaxation from the comfort of your own home.

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