High-Paying Careers That Require Years of Schooling

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When thinking practically about career options, it’s important to consider the salary of each choice. For your career to be truly helpful, you need to make enough to be supported. The following are some high-paying careers that require several years of schooling.


Perhaps the most well-known career that requires a lot of schooling is a doctor. It’s no secret that to be a doctor, you have to go to school for many years and do a lot of extensive training. When Doctors work, they take the lives of their patients into their hands. It’s absolutely critical that they’re trained to know what to do in difficult situations. 

If you want to be a doctor, you have to go to multiple years of medical school after your Bachelor’s degree, and then do a residency in your desired field for several more years after that. However, once you’re established as a doctor, you do have the chance to make roughly $150,000 per year.


Another high-paying job that requires several years of schooling is being an attorney. Once again, these individuals handle serious matters in their daily duties. When you work as an attorney, you’re representing the public in making sure that neighborhoods and communities are kept safe. As an attorney, you have to be trained extensively in the legal system to know how to best help your clients. 

As an attorney, you have to complete a Bachelor’s degree before going on to law school. Typically law school lasts three years. After this is complete, you’ll take the bar exam in your state of practice before beginning your work. Most defense attorneys work in private practice, although some work for local governments. As an attorney, you can make an average of about $150,000 per year as well.

Scientist / Researcher

The final career choice that takes a lot of schooling is a scientist. If you want to be a scientist or researcher, you have to complete more school than if you choose to be a lawyer or a doctor. In order to be a scientist, you first need to get a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. 

However, after that, you need not only a master’s degree, but a Ph.D. in your specialized field in order to do research. Some individuals are in school for over a decade before they finish their schooling for science. Once you’ve completed your Ph.D., you can begin to do research with a company or university, and work up to about as much as a doctor or lawyer makes.

If you’re considering what field to go into for your career, one of these three can be a great option. While they each require a good amount of schooling, you’ll be well compensated for your time after the fact. If you choose any of these three options, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money each year.

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