Here’s the 3 Most Dangerous Jobs in America


A satisfying career path is a must. There are plenty of retail and office jobs, but they are not for everybody. There are also food industry jobs, but if you do not enjoy being in a confined space for up to eight hours a day, you may not find them completely satisfying either. For those who require a little more adventure and outdoors time, there are jobs like electrical power-line repair and seamen positions. They come with high-risk, though. Here are three of the most dangerous jobs in America and what makes them so.

Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers

Electrical power-line installers and repairers are tasked with the maintenance of electrical lines. These men often work on the poles where these lines are hung from, or you may have seen them in bucket ladders repairing other types of electrical sources. My Next Move reports that demand for individuals in this industry is expected to grow, and no specialized education is necessary since on-the-job training is continuous. Employment is gainful and the pay is above average but there are physical risks. Fractures and sprains occur more often than fatalities due to falls and crashes with motorists.

Fishermen and Seamen

Braud & Gallagher explains that a ship will be deemed unseaworthy if it ever becomes unsafe for the seamen working on the ship. It doesn’t matter how minor the hazard may be; even a grease spill on the deck can be grounds for a vessel to be considered unseaworthy. This is a dangerous profession due to the severely unfavorable weather that can occur while at sea. Equipment can also fail. In some cases, negligence transpires when the leadership of a vessel ignores what is perceived to be a minor injury to a crew member but turns into something worse later. 

Logging Workers

The Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation talks about how loggers spend all of their work hours in the outdoors in various and challenging conditions. They harvest timber that is used as a raw material to create goods. Loggers must be physically fit enough to complete their tasks. Due to weather, conditions are not always favorable. Injuries occur due to falls, and fatalities can transpire because the work is completed in isolated areas away from city centers.

These three jobs in America some of the most dangerous because on-the-job fatalities or injuries are more likely to occur. They also have their rewards like gainful employment and above average pay.

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