Forest Fires: Still Impacting Families in California


It is a known fact that if you live in the state of California, at one point or another, you are going to be affected by a forest fire. You may be indirectly or directly affected but be prepared; a fire is bound to happen, no matter where you live. This is a tragic situation and one that is difficult to remedy. Here we take a look at some of the impact these fires have had and continue to have on the people of California.

The Aftermath of Fires

Many people watched news media reports recently about the devastating Thomas Fire which blazed across miles of California in December and January. Flames destroyed homes and businesses. They harmed people and animals and caused property losses.

Sadly, even after firefighters obtain control over forest fires, these types of disasters often continue to create problems for people living in impacted locations. Residents need to remain aware of these possible dangers. Just consider some of the less apparent hazards which sometimes result after forest fires pass through an area:

One: Mudslides

Unfortunately, the residents of some California coastal communities have already endured one of the worst impacts of fire: erosion. Flames may burn away the trees and vegetation which help hold topsoil in place. When this happens, mudslides pose a significant problem following heavy rainstorms. Families need to remain alert to this danger and promptly evacuate if ordered to do so.

Two: Avalanches

Although not present in places without snowfall, in some burned out mountainous areas avalanches may become a problem following forest fires. The removal of extensive vegetation by flames often produces landscape erosion, and this situation, in turn, may result in unstable topsoils. If a lot of snow accumulates across an eroded slope during the wintertime, walking through the site may trigger an avalanche. Don’t engage in cross-country skiing in eroded areas without first checking into the possibility of avalanche conditions!

Three: Termite Infestations

A third unwelcome impact of the recent California fires will likely occur in some places. A forest fire may kill large numbers of trees, leaving charred decaying wood covering the ground. The presence of rotting wood may support thriving termite populations in the area. While not a problem in unpopulated locations, the presence of large numbers of termite colonies in residential areas may ultimately increase a homeowner’s risk of incurring damage. Unfortunately, these wood-gnawing insects don’t readily distinguish between rotting tree stumps and the wood supporting human-made buildings. Consider requesting a termite inspection during the year following a forest fire in your neighborhood.

Remain Alert

If you live in a place recently affected by forest fires, you’ll want to continue to exercise caution in impacted areas. Don’t dismiss threats to your family’s safety which may arise weeks or months afterward. By taking reasonable precautions, you’ll help ensure better long-term recovery for everyone in your neighborhood!



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