Foods That Have More Sugar Than You Think


Finding the proper way to balance your diet and eat in a healthy and appropriate manner has become increasingly difficult in our society, as fast-food options become more prevalent than ever. Plus, with the abundance of processed foods that are full of additives on grocery store shelves, even when you try to eat healthy, you may be reaching for the wrong things. All sorts of packaged and processed foods have added sugars, meaning that some of your favorites may be sugary than you thought. Here are three foods that have more sugar than you think.

Granola Bars

The first food that has more sugar than you think is granola bars. Granola bars are a lunchbox classic snack that many people take on hikes or eat as a snack as a mid-day energy booster. But your granola bar may be just as sugary as a candy bar depending on the brand you eat. Granola bars can be full of added sugars in the syrups and honey that holds the granola bar together. If you want a healthier alternative, simply pack a bag of mixed granola with you instead.


Another food that has a lot more sugar than you think is fruits. This may come as a huge surprise to you, Afterall, aren’t fruits supposed to be incredibly healthy? Well, the answer is yes, but in moderation. Fruits are naturally very high in sugars and consuming too much fruit can mean you are eating too much sugar. Fruit can also be acidic. Citrus fruits can harm your teeth with the acid they contain. Combined with the natural sugars, this can have negative impacts on your dental health. Do not eliminate fruit from your diet but be aware that all fruits contain sugars that should be accounted for in your daily diet.


The final food that has a lot more sugar than you think are breakfast cereals. While some breakfast cereals try to market themselves as a healthy part of a good breakfast, they are usually anything but. Most cereals have the sugar breakdown of a dessert or candy bar, not a high quality, high-nutrient breakfast. Try to replace cereals with granola, oatmeal, and other breakfast that can serve a balance of protein, fat, and carbs to your body.

Fueling your body properly is a crucial aspect of your health, wellness, happiness, and life satisfaction. And eating too much sugar can put a major dent in all of it. Make sure that you are keeping your eyes peeled for these three foods that have more sugar than you think.

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