Environmentally Friendly Choices That Can Make You Healthier

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Our bodies, minds, and spirits are inextricably connected with our environment. There are many ways that you can go about improving both yourself and the earth simultaneously. Here are some simple but effective changes you can make to help yourself and your planet.

Electrifying Your Appliances

Electricity is a wonderful and powerful tool if used correctly. It frees people up from having to depend on fossil fuels to get by. Even today, many household appliances still use gas. As a nonrenewable resource, the widespread use of gasoline actively takes from a finite amount of resources on the planet. 

Even worse, the pollution caused internationally by the use of gasoline is slowly destroying the earth by contributing to global warming. You can help by refusing to contribute to the oil and gas industry with electric appliances. Make sure that your oven, stove, water heater, and more are not powered by gas or oil. 

Reducing Your Car Use

The number-one most ecologically damaging appliance that gets used by the average American on a daily basis is your car. The burning of fossil fuels and the contribution to the huge amount of friction released by millions and millions of daily vehicle use worldwide combines to create a formidable kind of pollution. 

If you can avoid it, it would be best to avoid driving a car entirely. This doesn’t mean you have to walk–but there are many alternatives to getting around, and most are healthier options too. If walking isn’t feasible, consider a bike or e-bike. You can often ride an e-bike up to 45 miles on a full charge.

Eating From Good Sources

You’re going to find a lot of misinformation about how to eat “actually” healthy food, and where to get “actually” healthy food from. Whether it’s a misguided healthy living blog from someone who’s fooling themselves or an article written by a corporation to boost sales, you’ve got to be careful about where you get your information from. One thing that you can do is thoroughly research the policies and practices of the brands and companies you buy groceries from. Often, it may take some serious digging–since many companies seek to outsource and obscure practices that could be seen as unethical or problematic. 

The important thing is that you stay educated on what is the largest ecological problem at a given moment. That way, you can be prepared to make adjustments to your lifestyle accordingly. In doing so, you will be creating a better life for both yourself and your human family.

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