Drivers are losing money by not using this one trick.


Outsmart your insurance company to save big money (up to 60%!) off your car insurance rates.

When drivers enter their zipcode at many are shocked at the results that they find.

We tell it like it is. You can save big money by following our instructions on this page. Have you ever wanted to pay less for car insurance? The results are in and we have found many car insurance companies out there that can offer better rates, with bigger savings than what you are paying now. Everyone loves to save money right? And why spend more than you need to? There are extraordinary rates and coverage right now.

We have all seen those car insurance commercials and advertisements that ALL promise the lowest rates? If they all had the lowest rates like they claim, then really wouldn’t they all have the same rates? It doesn’t add up. The truth is you need to KNOW how to get the best rates! That is what we are going to teach you here.

When you are looking for new policies with car insurance companies you need to know how to get the rates with the BIGGEST SAVINGS based on your driving habits and driving record. When drivers enter their zip code here to get multiple free car insurance quotes many CANNOT BELIEVE the results they see.

Here is a quick check list of criteria that might make you eligible for the BIGGEST savings:

– You park your car in a garage.

– You’ve never received a DWI/DUI

– You haven’t been in any car accidents over the last 12 months.

– You drive less than 25 miles per day.

– You haven’t been speeding recently (no speeding tickets over the last 6 months.)

Another area to consider is the fact that is like most people who probably did not do enough research when you were first researching car insurance companies. You might think, well wait a minute, I called and checked around. Wrong – unless you personally researched at least 7 car insurance companies and took advantage of the criteria to try and get the best plan with them we can guarantee you are currently overpaying for your car insurance. How do you find out if you are overpaying? That’s where saves the day.


Other additional criteria that might get you extra savings could be things like having an anti-theft device, having taken defensive driving classes, being a college student, and of course the type of car you drive. With so many factors and because it is so easy you should really consider SAVING REAL MONEY each month on your car insurance.

The single most important thing you can do to get the best possible car insurance rates is to SHOP AROUND. The truth is that a single policy for the same diver with same or comparable coverage can fluctuate greatly from one insurance company to another. This is why you need to spend 3 minutes to see if you quality for BIG SAVINGS at Within minutes you can literally have a ton of quotes that that might make your current policy seem silly.

Car insurance comparison sites has become very popular over the last few years because MANY people have found substantial savings with their car insurance. With everything else that we have to pay for these days any sort of savings can be a huge help.  All you have to do is spend a few extra minutes by entering in your driving history and details and you will receive many FREE quotes from multiple insurers. Because they will know you are coming from they will instantly offer you their best deal.

Do yourself a favor and find the best policy with the best rate and maybe you will walk away with some extra cash!


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