Don’t Take the Job if You Spot These Red Flags


If you have been looking for a new job for a while, you can get pretty desperate in your search. After several interviews, you may be tempted to take the first job that comes along. However, you don’t want to take a position that won’t work for you. This only adds stress to your life and another job search down the road. Pay attention to warning signs during the interview that can tell you this is not the place for you.

Time Clock and Point System 

Time clocks and point systems indicate an inflexible management style. Sometimes this means that the boss is overly controlling. Sometimes it means a lack of trust in the staff. It indicates a culture that treats employees like children who need to be punished for tardiness or rewarded for proper behavior. You are an adult and should be treated like one. You want to work in a place with a measure of flexibility that trusts you will not take advantage of the system.

They Want You to Front Some Expenses 

If people want you to pay to work for them, it is often a sign of a scam. There should be no startup fees for your new position. Not only is it strange to require you to pay in order to work there, it’s illegal in some jurisdictions. Reputable businesses will supply any uniforms or equipment you need, or they will reimburse you for the expense. If a new job requires you to pay money upfront, you should probably go another direction.

Unclear Expectations 

Your interviewer should be clear about the position you are interviewing for. There may be some general positions that have “Other duties as needed” as part of the description, but most jobs come with clear expectations. If the interview says things like, “We will figure it out as we go,” it may be a sign of poor structure and leadership. If you take the job, you may find yourself doing unexpected tasks or berated for not doing a task that you didn’t know you were supposed to do. Unclear expectations are unfair to you as an employee.

You are going to be at your new job for a good portion of your waking hours. Make sure that it is a job you enjoy and that treats you well. If you keep your eyes open through the hiring process, you can find a job that is a perfect match.

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