Does America Have a Bullying Problem?


Bullying creates serious consequences for both the bully and the bullied. It’s such a problem in the U.S. that parents and school officials in some cities have developed magnet schools around an anti-bullying curriculum. However, bullies don’t stop being bullies once the school bell stops ringing. The problem permeates all aspects of culture, creating long-term problems in the workplace and in the home.

How is Bullying Defined?

Bullying consists of persistent and repeated aggression against another person. The person doing the bullying means to create distress, fear or harm to the other person in body and in reputation. In times past, the playground bully was just that: the bully on the playground. However, with the development of the Internet and social media, cyberbullying has grown into a significant issue that, in some cases, has even caused the victims to go as far as ending their own lives in order to stop the mistreatment.

Preventing Bullying

Silence and secrecy embolden a bully. Schools and families that encourage kids to talk often uncover hidden incidents of bullying, which is important because sometimes those who are bullied don’t tell anyone about it. Additionally, a bully needs to receive consistent messages that bullying isn’t acceptable. Finally, teaching people how to be kind and respectful is the first step you need to take to slow down a bully.

Bullying Doesn’t End

As anyone who has been bullied at work can tell you, bullying doesn’t end once school is out. It isn’t just the victims who suffer from long-term bullying. The bully does, too. On the victims’ side, there is an increased risk of depression, self-destructive behaviors, and reduced mental wellness. The bully runs the risk of involvement with drugs, spousal and child abuse and reduced job and educational stability. As for the workplace, bullying causes a loss of productivity as the best and the brightest move to job cultures that encourage a safer environment. Bullying in the workplace can cause major mental issues as a result. The truth is a bully often chooses his/ her target because of jealousy and envy. If a bully drives your best employees out, it’s you and your business that ultimately suffers.

Bullying has long-term consequences for both the victim and the bully. The bully’s persistent aggression against the victim creates a pervasive fear. Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t end when school is finally out. It persists in the workplace, causing many businesses to lose their best and brightest stars due to the effects of bullying.

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