Crazy Dangers You May Not Be Thinking About


There are plenty of hazards most people are aware of and they take measures to be safe. For example, you wear a seatbelt in a car to stay safe. However, there are some dangers that you might not be thinking about. Being aware of these dangers can help you to stay safe.

Poisonous Food

Usually, when something is served to you, you don’t question whether or not it is safe. However, there are some foods eaten around the world that can actually be toxic. One common example is blowfish or pufferfish. In Japan, it is known as fugu. These fish contain the toxin tetrodotoxin, which can be lethal if the fish is not properly prepared. There are also many common foods that have parts that should not be eaten. For example, rhubarb is a very popular vegetable often used in pies, but its leaves are toxic. Similarly, cassava is a root vegetable that has poisonous leaves. Foods such as cassava need to be properly cooked and prepared before they are safe to eat.

DIY Electric Work

Working with electricity is dangerous plain and simple. However, many people will attempt to handle electrical work on their own. If you are not properly licensed, then you haven’t received training on how to handle electrical work. Without proper precautions, you could accidentally cause some pretty serious damage to the wiring and yourself. One of the largest hazards is electrical shock. These can sometimes be minor, but they may also be fatal. DIY electrical work can also damage your home if you don’t know what you’re doing, and this will only cost more money and will often require you to bring in a professional anyway.

Mixing Cleaning Chemicals

When you’re cleaning, you might not be thinking about the actual chemicals you are using or how they combine. However, many cleaning chemicals can become very dangerous when mixed. While there are many combinations to be aware of, one rule of thumb is to never mix bleach with anything other than water. Mixing bleach with other substances, like vinegar, for example, can lead to the creation of toxic gases. When cleaning, make sure you thoroughly wipe down surfaces before using another chemical to avoid them mixing. You should also make sure the area is well ventilated while cleaning. Do your best to avoid mixing cleaning chemicals.

You might consider yourself a safe person, but there are still dangers that might not be on your mind. It’s important to be aware of these dangers as some of them could occur by accident. Keep yourself aware so you can stay safe.

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