Common Problems That Dental Work Can Fix in Kids


Your kids’ teeth are more important to their overall health than you may realize! Pain and decay in those little mouths can lead to infection and painful, lasting problems. Getting the proper, necessary dental care will help your kids’ dental health stay strong throughout their lives. Here are a few specific examples of problems dental work can fix!


When sticky food particles remain on teeth for extended periods of time, the chemicals in those particles will eat away at the hard enamel of the tooth. As this happens, teeth develop holes (known notoriously as “cavities”), which can become infected. Infections are not only painful, their spread can damage nerves and cause severe health concerns. Routine checkups for your children’s dental health can catch potential weak spots before they develop into harmful problems, or can fill already-deep cavities and seal off the issue before it grows. Keep teeth strong and prevent soft spots that so frequently affect young children.

Teeth Alignment Issues

Teeth very rarely grow naturally straight. Crooked teeth are a common issue for all ages, but they are more easily corrected in children. For both aesthetic purposes and to help teeth become easier to care for, aligning one’s teeth is a beneficial investment. Braces have been the most common treatment for this issue, but innovations in dental tech have made realigning teeth cheaper while being just as effective! Kids can expect better results and subtler braces thanks to the latest orthodontist technology. Retainers and invisible teeth trays cost less to create and maintain than regular braces, and may be a more comfortable option for your kids to manage. Consult a dentist to determine the best treatment for your child to give them the healthy, confident smile they want.


Without sufficient care, gums become sensitive and can develop infection even from the inside, known as gingivitis. This is a painful condition for children to deal with—as the gums become swollen and puffy, they are also extremely sensitive. This leads to serious bleeding at any prodding, and puts teeth at greater risk for infection as well. Your child’s dentist is a great source of help for this problem! They can teach your children how to effectively floss between teeth and up into the gums, removing the harmful bacteria that creates gingivitis. They can also prescribe other methods of care that will reverse this kind of infection!

Kids get adult teeth long before they themselves can be entrusted to care for those teeth. Do your part and work with a pediatric dentist to maintain your child’s dental health. Your child will thank you in the long run!

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