Common Dental Procedures You Might Have as a Teen


When you think about dental procedures, what is the very first thing that usually comes to your mind? Brushing and flossing is typically the most common answer here, followed by cleanings, and cavity fillings. Sometimes you just need dental procedures because everyone does, or because of issues that have been present since birth. Whether you have teen child or are a teen yourself, here are three common dental procedures that teens may face.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the final row of molars to come in the very back of your mouth. Most humans do not have space in their mouth for these teeth and need to have them removed before they erupt from the gums to avoid pain. Wisdom teeth removal is incredibly common; almost everybody will go through the surgery to keep their mouth healthy for the long run. Wisdom tooth removal does require surgery, but the recovery phase is typically where the most discomfort lies. Do your research and get comfortable beforehand to help keep the recovery period manageable.

Getting Braces

Another common dental procedure that you might have as a teen is getting braces. Unless you are incredibly lucky, you won’t be born with perfectly straight teeth. But thanks to advances in orthodontics, anyone can have perfectly aligned and straight teeth with a little help from an orthodontist. If you want straighter teeth but are hesitant about metal braces, we have a solution – Invisalign invisible aligners. Invisalign is removable and low-profile compared to traditional braces. They also don’t come with the same food restrictions that traditional braces do, leaving you with more freedom and flexibility as well.

Cavity Fillings

Since cavities are fairly common across all age groups, you can expect that teens will need to have a cavity filled at some point. You can generally avoid cavities by brushing and flossing better to protect your teeth, but when they strike there is no way around it other than to fill it. Cavity fillings are quick and relatively painless and will prevent any cavities from getting worse.

During the teenage years, everyone will almost certainly go through a dental health procedure. But this does not need to be a cause for concern; pay attention to these three common dental procedures and prepare yourself so that you don’t have to be worried by them.

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