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Career Paths You Can Complete Online in Less Than a Year


College can be a great option for many people but if you are looking to start your career as soon as possible, there are other options that you should keep on the table. Many careers require only certifications that you can actually earn online in a pretty quick timeframe. As a person with dreams for the future, choosing a career that you can start working on quickly can be a great option that will get you closer to the future you want.

Virtual Assistant

If you are well organized and like helping people get what they need, working as a virtual assistant can be a great career that offers a ton of flexibility. From scheduling appointments to ordering catering or any other small daily task, virtual assistants are able to help their clients to get the things they need to be successful. This type of career doesn’t require a typical college degree, and getting some short term training online can help you to start your career quickly and continue gaining skills and a strong clientele.

Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent is another career path that can be started quickly by taking courses online. The online training will give you the knowledge and certification to legally practice in your state. Real estate courses are only now slowly implementing videos into their course material. So if you value video content in the courses you take, you want to take your time to find a course that will suit your needs and provide you with the educational tools you require to be successful.

Medical Billing

If you are looking for a job that pays well and has reasonable hours, medical billing can be a great position that will help you to meet your needs while leaving you free to have a full life. You can get a medical billing certification online, and the coursework doesn’t take a ton of time to finish. That means that you can be on the way to achieving your dreams in your new career sooner than you would have thought.

Getting a certificate online can be a great way to move yourself forward on your career path. And if you are interested in these kinds of careers there are tons of options for great online certification programs. Do a little research and find a program that can meet your needs as a student.

Another option that doesn’t require a degree is starting your own business! Check out this article on what to think about before opening a new business here!

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