Best Places for Veterans to Live in the US


For veterans who have retired from the military and want to live comfortably, the location where they live can influence the quality of their lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a few places that can be affordable throughout the country. As a veteran who is looking to relocate, here are a few of the best places to live in the U.S.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has a high veteran population and is one of the most affordable places to live in the state. You can live close to Fort Sam Houston Air Base in a destination that offers many benefits to veterans in the area. Job growth, VA benefits, and affordable housing are the main perks of relocating to San Antonio where you can live comfortably and will be honored for your service.

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Alexandria, Virginia

The city of Alexandria has a small-town feel, but still offers amenities that are available in larger cities. If you’re a veteran who wants to find work in the government, there are plenty of opportunities that are available in Alexandria. Many different VA benefit facilities are easy to find throughout the location, making it a convenient place to live if you’ve served in the military. A high level of safety and beautiful scenery are additional perks that make it a great place to live.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is an ideal place to call home for veterans who enjoy spending plenty of time outdoors due to the natural beauty that is available. You’ll find other military personnel living in Colorado Springs because they decided to stay after being stationed there, making it easy to make new friends after putting down roots. The city is known to be quiet and is also a great place to attend different universities where you can use your GI bill to further your education.

Hartford, Vermont

Not only is Hartford a beautiful place to reside, but it also offers affordable housing for those who plan to retire. Veterans who live in Vermont can save around 500/month on a home mortgage by using their VA benefits, making it an ideal place to put on the map. Hartford is centrally located, which also makes it easy to travel throughout New England.

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Virginia Gardens, Florida

Virginia Gardens has all the benefits of a small town while staying fairly close to the convenience of a big city, as it’s only 10 miles away from Miami. Virginia Gardens features a wide variety of delicious options for eating out as well as plenty to do, such as Amelia Earheart Park and the Miami Street Players Theater. If you served in the Air Force, you may find being in close proximity to Boeing Training and Flight Services convenient.

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As a veteran, it’s important to find a comfortable place to live that accommodates your lifestyle after serving in the military. By knowing the right cities where other veterans relocate, you can enjoy starting a new season in a great location.  


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