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Age of the Mommy Blog: How Stay-at-Home Moms Make Money Today

Have A Niche

When starting a mommy blog, you have to consider how it’s going to stand out from the other ones out there. This means you need to decide on a niche. When deciding on your niche, consider what you are most passionate about. Don’t just write about what’s currently trending. If you do, you will be unlikely to appeal to readers. Write about a topic you are passionate about and be raw and real. This is how successful mommy bloggers have gained their readership in the past, and how new blogs retain their relevance.

Is there a need for my niche?
This is a little bit challenging. How do you find out if there’s a need when, on Pinterest, you see like a gazillion blogs that talk about the same thing? One easy way is to check on Facebook. Go to a few groups you belong to and use their search function.

Just type in your niche or keyword that represents your blog and see if there are lots of questions surrounding that topic. If so, you have a viable niche!