7 Ways to Use Facebook to Boost Your Business


Social media is a booming industry that doesn’t appear like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Facebook has come to dominate the landscape in all different types of settings. When it comes to business, Facebook has many types of applications. The technology can be used to your advantage if you know the relevant features. Here are some ways that your company can skillfully use Facebook to boost your business prospects.


Facebook holds incredible power over what we see on a daily basis. Many of us learned about businesses for the first time because their advertisements showed up in our news feed. Advertising on Facebook has the power to go viral if enough people are talking about it. Lyfe Marketing recommends that Facebook advertising can be targeted based on the reader’s viewing history so you can have confidence that your advertising will be aimed at a receptive audience. Also, given the amount of time that people spend on Facebook each day, you can be confident that your advertisement will be seen frequently.


Podium explains that for many business owners, it’s not so much a problem of the quality of ratings and reviews that customers leave, but rather the number of customers leaving them. Reviews on Facebook are one way to make sure that your customers give ample feedback. Customers do not need an extra login or account to leave your business a review on Facebook. You may not always like what your customers have to say when they review your business but asking for reviews on Facebook at least starts the conversation. If your business’ page has other content and ways of engaging customers, the bad reviews will be drowned out.


Running a promotion on Facebook is a way to generate buzz for your business. The share button makes it easy for others to spread the word of what your business is doing. You can use Facebook to impart a timely offer that customers must take advantage of within a certain timeframe. Wishpond talks about how the benefit of Facebook is that you can use analytics to see how many people have viewed and shared your promotion. Facebook’s technology also allows you to export the data about your customers that you have gained from the course of the promotion so it can be used.

Facebook Publishing Tools

Now, Facebook allows you to review your business’ old posts quickly using this tool. Instead of having to go back in time to find your posts to manage them, you can get them with one click here. If you no longer wish to keep the post up, you can easily delete it. You can also see the insights data for each post. This gives you more control over your own brand and a better way to manage your messaging. The publishing tools also allow you to target your posts to a specific audience.


You can encourage your customers to reach out to you through Facebook messaging. Many consumers are hesitant to pick up the phone and make a call because they feel like they must drop everything else. However, it is easy for them to send a message through Messenger because they feel that they can control the pace of the interaction. Social Media Examiner describes, when you encourage your customers to contact you through this medium, they are more likely to communicate with you since it is easier for them. More communications with customers will give you an insight into what they are thinking.

Using Facebook Groups

Post Planner suggests that starting a Facebook group for your business can help start a sense of shared community that surrounds your company. This will give your purchasers a feeling like they have a stake in your company. When people can converse about your brand, they will feel more a part of it. In addition, the use of a Facebook group can help you drive the conversation that you want occurring about your company. You can also use these groups to promote events in which your company is taking part.

Encourage Sharing

You can essentially deputize your customers to spread the word about your business. When you offer rewards for customers who share your posts, you allow them to do your advertising for you. Perhaps running a raffle or giving a discount to customers who share your posts will encourage them to be your ambassadors by spreading the word for you. Customers can easily share what you have to say with the push of a button. Then your hope is that others see it on your customer’s page and choose to share it themselves.

Facebook can be a valuable tool for your business if used properly. It can generate enthusiasm among your customers and help create a buzz around your business. The technology can be used in many ways to help your business gain a marketing edge. Take advantage of Facebook’s advertising, acknowledge customers reviews, create promotions, leverage your business with Facebook’s publishing tools, and see your business grow.

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