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6 Shocking Stories of Strange Houses that Stand in Defiance

A Portland Lawyer Who Wouldn’t Give In

The Portland transit authority TriMet wanted to build a new transit hub with ties to Portland State University. However, a local lawyer was prepared to fight for his century-old house.

The attorney, Randal Acker, had recently purchased and remodeled the 1890s Victorian home as the site for his law office when the trouble began. Acker told Urbo that he fell in love with the history and architecture of the house saying, “It’s a Queen Anne Victorian historic building, beautifully kept up. Inside it has period pieces: chandeliers, most of all the original woodwork…all extremely well [preserved].” He was drawn to the relaxing atmosphere of the home, which was a good counter-balance to the intense daily grind that comes with working in a law office.


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