5 Ways to Prevent Flooding in Your Home


According to FEMA, just an inch of water can cost over $27,000 in repairs and replacing damaged items. That can’t include the price of sentimental items and necessary documents. Don’t let this happen to you! Take these five steps to avoid flood damage in your home.

1. Have a plan

You need to be prepared! You also need to act as a leader and establish a program. The first thing is to ensure that everyone knows how to leave the home safely in the case of a flood. You’ll also want to have a backup source of power in case your electricity is affected. Delegate specific roles for different people. Finally, run a drill to practice.

2. Flood sensors

Automation and security have given us more control and knowledge about what’s going on in our houses than ever before. ADT flood sensors and be used under sinks to alert you to problems before significant damage is done. You will be warned of future trouble through a text, and you can stop the problem at its source. Typically, most sensors will alert you once they sense over an inch of water. ADT’s cord cutter package includes flood monitoring. The system will help you in a variety other areas of security as well.

3. Regular maintenance

Hire someone to inspect your building to check for possible causes of a flood. They will check the walls, roof, and floor for leaks and cracks, the drainage system, and the pipes. Have an inspection done once a year. Get the inspection before times of heavy precipitation in your area. If something does present a possible risk, complete the renovations before you end up paying more for more extensive construction and water damage.

4. Flood-proofing

Flood-proof the house to make the impact of a flood as minimal as possible. Make sure all electronics are higher than flood level and consider raising electrical outlets if you have the resources. Use construction materials that won’t get damaged by water. Don’t use wood or carpet in an area that could potentially come in contact with water.

5. Flood insurance

Floods can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons. Getting flood insurance will give you protection in the case of a natural occurrence. The good news is that the insurance is cheap, too! Adding flood insurance to your house’s insurance policy can cost as low as $171 a year.

Don’t let the risk of a flood ruin a home. Be prepared with sensors, insurance and safety plans. It will safe you a great deal of money, time, and energy. Plus, it will keep you and your loved ones, even your pets safe, which is the most important aspect of the whole process.





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