5 Ways Security Systems Can Improve Your Business


Some business owners view security systems as an unnecessary expense, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a security system. It’s a smart investment that can improve a company in several ways, including the following.

Theft Prevention

A security system can protect businesses from theft by activating an audible alarm and notifying the monitoring company when triggered. According to Insureon, nearly nine percent of all U.S. small businesses experienced a burglary or theft in 2016. Unfortunately, this takes a hefty toll on small businesses, forcing them to raise their prices, lay off employees or even close their doors. With a security system, though, companies can lower their risk of theft and burglary.

Access Control

Security systems also provide access control for businesses. Employers, for instance, can use them to restrict access to sensitive areas. Once installed, only upper-level employees with the appropriate credentials can enter the area. Access control such as this is particularly useful in multi-business buildings.

Lower Insurance Rates

While many factors affect commercial insurance premiums, you’ll typically pay less for coverage if your business is equipped with a security system. Insurance companies view these businesses as being lower risk than their counterparts without a security system. It’s not uncommon for companies to receive 10 percent or even 20 percent off their premium just for having a security system.

Flood Monitoring

Furthermore, some security systems feature flood monitoring, protecting businesses from otherwise costly flood damage. Statistics show that 40 percent of small businesses that experience a flood never reopen their doors. When a flood strikes, it can permanently damage inventory, equipment, machines, data storage devices and more. Businesses can protect themselves, however, by investing a security system with floor monitoring.

No Landline Required

Some business owners assume a landline is required for security system monitoring. While some security systems use landlines to transmit data, others use wireless technology. Additionally, there are a few security systems that provide wireless access as well as flood monitoring. Some security systems include a cord cutter package with flood monitoring. Using this service, a business can protect themselves from theft and flood without relying on a traditional landline.

As you can see, security systems offer several benefits for businesses. It’s a smart investment that protects against theft, provides access control, lowers the price of commercial insurance, monitors for flooding and doesn’t require a landline.


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