5 Unique Places to Visit in the Rocky Mountains


The Rocky Mountains are full of fun and unique places to visit. You may want to hit some snow capped mountains to go skiing. Or, perhaps you would enjoy a white water rafting adventure. Maybe you want to relax in a fantastic lodge or resort tucked away in the mountains. Whatever you desire, there are many places you can explore while in the Rocky Mountains.


In Aspen, Colorado, you can get your ski fix by hitting the slopes in the snow capped mountains. Enjoy one of Aspen’s five-star hotels, go shopping in the high-end boutiques, relax in a luxury spa, and dine on world-class cuisine. You will not be disappointed if you visit Aspen.

Salt Lake City

The state of Utah is famous for its world-class resorts and for having The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Salt Lake City, also known as Ski City, is the state’s capital and is a beautiful place to visit. There, you can view and ski on the picturesque snow capped mountains. Salt Lake is known for its four resorts and downtown scene. You can stay at one of the hip urban hotels or a cozy ski lodge. Dining will not be boring for you in Salt Lake City. With nearly 2,000 restaurants to choose from, ranging from seafood to Mexican, you are sure to find your favorite style of food.

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

In Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, you can relax your cares away at the namesake Resort & Spa. The resort offers only 17 rooms that have the basics to keep you away from distractions. You will find a bed, shower, and TV in your room. Seven natural springs feed the resort’s mineral pools and baths. You can swim in the outdoor pools or one of their private pools.

Pikes Peak

At 14,115 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak is a MUST see for vacationing or traveling in the Rocky Mountains. You can drive, hike, bike, or tour this marvel of a mountain.

Echo Canyon

Near Pikes Peak, you can go white water rafting and enjoy the magnificent view of the snow capped mountains. If you are looking for something a bit more calming, you can make a float trip.

When traveling in the Rocky Mountains, there are many unique places to visit. Aspen, Salt Lake City, Hot Sulphur Springs, Pikes Peak, and Echo Canyon are five unique places you should not miss on your journey through the mountains.


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