5 Unbelievable Home Invasion Stories


Unfortunately, a home invasion can occur at any time. You might be away from home and don’t know anything about the incident until you get back or you may be inside the house when someone tries to get inside. A way to help prevent an invasion or to prevent injuries from occurring if someone gets in your home is to be prepared with tools such as deadbolt locks or a security system that alerts police and family.

Stopping The Craziness

The preparations by a homeowner helped to stop someone from getting into the house. The incident took place in Kenya. A man in a wealthy neighborhood was saying goodbye to guests from a party at his home when a group of about five armed men chased some of the guests away from the home. The homeowner ran inside the home to get a gun, taking a few shots at the people trying to get inside his house.

Multiple Invaders

Because of a security system and the clear thinking of a homeowner, a woman escaped with her life when someone attempted to ambushed her outside her home. The security system was able to capture the images of the invaders while alerting officers. The invaders had knocked on the door, which the homeowner had opened. Multiple people brandished weapons outside the front door. She quickly closed and locked the door when she saw others coming behind the person who rang the doorbell.

Taking A Beating

Unfortunately, a mother was beaten by a home invader when someone got into her house. The incident took place in New Jersey in 2013. Her child was on the couch when she heard the garage door open. A man entered the home, threw her on the couch, and began hitting her. He proceeded to hit her when she tried to get up. He finally threw her down the basement stairs.

No Match For Grandfather

A grandfather prevented a home invader from getting into his home. The would-be invader rode his motorcycle up to the side door of the house after seeing the grandfather’s car pull into the garage. When the invader tried to get further into the garage, the grandfather exited his vehicle while shooting a gun at him.

Teaching Lessons

An elderly man would have been a victim of a mugging if he hadn’t made the decision to attack his aggressor. A young man walked through the door where the elderly man was attending to his own business. He tried to take the older man’s open-carry gun. However, the man shoots the invader first, forcing him to leave.

Although home invasions can be frightening, there are things that you can do to try to keep your family and belongings safe. Install a system inside and outside the home that can capture images of the people trying to get inside your house. A few self-defense classes or keeping a gun in the home can help as well.


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