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5 Things Not to Do When Asking a Celebrity for a Photo


Getting a photo with a favorite celebrity is a dream come true for many fans. While some fans can be gracious in asking, others can be pushy. Some stars have sworn off fan selfies altogether because of poor etiquette by individuals who don’t understand the line between fame and a need for privacy. Here are five things you shouldn’t do when asking a celebrity for a picture.

Don’t Intrude on Private Moments

Celebrities are just like anyone else. They have to eat. They shop. They go to the movies with their kids. These are not the best times to ask for a photo. Knowing when to approach a celebrity is one of the most important skills. If you spot a celebrity dining at your favorite restaurant, realize that your photo op will have to wait for another day. Many people complain when a celebrity is rude, but they rarely bring up their own inability to be respectful.

Don’t Be Rude

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many fans get so caught up in the moment that they forget basic manners. You should not ask about criminal histories. That means being polite. Don’t assume a photo will be granted, ask. If your star crush grants the request, offer the appropriate thanks. Everyone appreciates kindness — even celebrities.

Don’t Act Like You Have a Right to a Photo

According to the Washington Post, Amy Schumer was told by a fan that “it’s America and we paid for you” when she protested a photo. Seriously? The mere fact that someone is a celebrity does not make them public property. You do not have the right to jam a camera in a person’s face. Any person.

Don’t Take a Long Time

If a celebrity is kind enough to grant your request for a photo, don’t milk the moment. Take your selfie, offer thanks and a brief praise for their work, and leave the celebrity to go about their business. Remember, fans pay hundreds of dollars for a single minute with a star at fan conventions. You’re getting it for free, so be considerate.

Don’t Be Critical of Other Celebrities

Whatever you do, don’t remark upon a lousy photo experience you had with another celebrity. Your favorite star will leave wondering what you will say about them. You also want to steer clear of questions about any controversial subject matter that might be floating around the Internet. For example, asking a celebrity about conflicts with co-stars is bad form.

A little common sense can go a long way when approaching a celebrity. In fact, the majority of the guffaws that happen tend to happen because people get panicked and nervous when meeting celebrities. If you think you may get nervous, practicing your public speaking skills can actually be helpful in overcoming your nerves.


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