5 reasons why electronic cigarettes are better than the real thing

Electronic Cigarettes are becoming increasingly common. You may even already own one.
But if you are a smoker and don’t, I’m going to spend the next few minutes convincing you why you should get one, or at least try one.

So let’s get down to it, there are 5 key reasons why Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cigs are better than the real thing.

1. Your non-smoking friends won’t hate you will love you. There is nothing worse than the lingering smell of old smoke. It gets stuck in your hair, on your clothes and even in your car and on the walls in your home. As a smoker you may not be able to tell because you are so used to the smell. But for non-smokers this smell is very apparent, and usually gross. The smell of cigarette smoke is hard to cover up and even harder to hide. With an electronic cigarette, the only odor is from your immediate exhale and only last for a few seconds. Also, if you have a flavor that isn’t tobacco, it might even smell pleasant to non-smokers.

2. You can smoke anywhere! This is probably the biggest selling point of electronic cigarettes. Since you are only exhaling water vapor, you can smoke anywhere. This includes in public places in cities and states that have banned smoking. As of 2013, 28 states have bans on smoking in all enclosed public places, including bars and restaurants.
Many people, including many smokers, do not let themselves or friends smoke in their house or car. This is due to the smoke smell lowering the resell value of the house or car. With an electronic cigarette this is not a problem as the smell doesn’t linger.

3. It is less dangerous. Water vapor can’t start fires, unlike cigarette butts. It is estimated that over the past 10 years 200,000 fires have been started by cigarette butts and these fires led to over 1,000 deaths. There are no flames and no ashes with electronic cigarettes. Also, while longer term studies have not been finished due to electronic cigarettes being fairly new, there is evidence that leads to electronic cigarettes being much safer than traditional cigarettes for your health. There are no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, and tar in an electronic cigarette. Typically the vapor is made of just water, nicotine and flavoring.

4. They may help you stop smoking real cigarettes or stop altogether. I won’t lie to you and say that smoking an electronic cigarette will break your nicotine habit. But many users have reported less cravings and have been able to smoke drastically less nicotine per day. Most people get an electronic cigarette so that they can smoke inside or on a college campus or at a bar. They start smoking the e-cig when they go to these places, but slowly over time they start smoking the e-cig instead of traditional cigarettes. Over time, many users find themselves never really wanting to go back to traditional cigarettes, plus they tend to enjoy the final reason listed below.

5. You will save a ton of money! How much does an average pack of cigarettes cost? If you are lucky enough to be in Kentucky then you will pay as little as $5 for the average pack of cigarettes. However in states like New York the average pack of cigarettes is $15! In Illinois it is $12. The average price is over $6 in over half of our 50 states. How much does an e-cig cost? Well, unfortunately you will have to come up with $90 or $100 for a starter set to get all that you need. However, the starter sets typically come with the equivalent of 20 packs of traditional cigarettes worth of cartridges. To put it simply you pay $80 or so and get 20 packs of cigarettes. That is like paying $3 per pack! Now, where you really start saving money is when you need a refill. One popular e-cig brand charges $20 for 5 refill cartridges. Each cartridge gives you enough vapor to equal 1-2 packs of cigarettes. Have you done the math yet? That is like paying 75 cents per pack of cigarettes!! Imagine how much money you will save if you only had to pay $0.75 per pack.

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