5 Incredible Plants That Have Changed History



According to doTERRA, plants have been used as solution for thousands of years due to how natural, effective, and multi-purpose they are. Eucalyptus trees are some of the tallest broadleaved plants in the world. Resins in the bark create a kino-tannic acid that is used in a variety of health solutions. Eucalyptus is used in mouthwashes, as a cleaner, and in massages . In the nineteenth century, many of the trees were logged because of their size, but the qualities quickly became more important. Eucalyptus oil is useful by itself or added to other products and vitamin supplements.


Quinine is an important antimalarial drug that has saved millions of lives over the years. In the United States, it would have been impossible for people to settle and thrive in places like Georgia, Florida and Mississippi without quinine and its effectiveness as an antimalarial drug. The substance can be harvested from the Cinchona tree bark, and its discovery certainly affected history by allowing British armies to establish colonies all over the globe.


According to BigPicture, there are over 40,000 types of rice found worldwide, and around 20% of our energy comes from this plant. Rice is routinely used to make flour, wine, vinegar, cosmetics and medicines. Brown rice even provides fiber. As one of the most important crops to millions of farmers, rice plays a large part in alleviating both poverty and hunger. It is a great source of minerals like calcium and iron, and it’s healthy for the heart. Known to control a variety of diseases, rice contains neurotransmitters that might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and the husk has diuretic properties.

Opium Poppy

One of the essential drugs used for reducing pain in cancer patients is opium. This substance comes from the opium poppy. The plant contains several alkaloids, including morphine, which is a mental stimulant. Over the years, opium has both helped and harmed millions of people because of its addictive nature.


This plant has certainly had an impact on colonization, trade and culture. It has also cost the lives of millions. Although tobacco is not usually associated with health benefits, ScienceNordic reports that new genetically modified tobacco plants are being used to produce medicines for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Tobacco is being studied in laboratories to create vaccines and create medication to help people with diabetes. Native Americans believed in the healing and spiritual benefits of tobacco and used it for both for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

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