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5 Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2016 Are Not Actually Cars!

1. Toyota Sienna LE ($1,113): This car has several safety and security features that insurance companies really dig, like an engine immobilizer that makes theft nearly impossible.

2. Toyota Sienna (base model) ($1,114): This is a four cylinder Sienna, making it a bit slower than the LE, and therefore slightly cheaper to insure.

3. Jeep Patriot Sport ($1,116): It’s not terribly flashy, but it’s a comfortable Jeep, and rugged enough for the kinds of in-town driving that most of its owners actually do.

4. Jeep Compass ($1,118): The sibling of the Jeep Patriot, the Compass Sport is another four-cylinder vehicle (its powertrain only offers 158 hp), which helps to keep its insurance cost pretty low.

5. GMC Sierra K1500 Regular Cab ($1,121): Rounding out the top five, and only $7 more expensive to insure than the cheapest vehicle, the GMC Sierra is really just a rebadged Chevrolet Silverado. In fact, the only difference is that this truck has a different front grille, and a slightly lower cost of insurance.

So, why are these vehicles considered the most affordable to insure? In addition to safety features, all are designed to be fairly stable – minivans don’t generally roll over, for example – and most aren’t driven in situations that would appeal to reckless drivers. You just don’t tend to take hairpin curves at high speeds in a pickup, after all. It’s also worth mentioning that none of these vehicles has an MSRP over $30,000.

How did come up with these numbers? They used the stats for a single, male, forty-year-old driver with a clean record and good credit, and came up with an average annual cost of insurance. As the saying goes, these are only average costs. Your mileage may vary.

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