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4 Weirdest Alcohol Laws in the US


Every state has its quirky laws, whether it’s regulations around walking your pet alligator, catching fish with your bare hands, or putting coins in your ears. Unsurprisingly, every state has many laws around the selling, promotion, and consumption of alcohol. Here are a few that stand out as more than a bit wacky.

Don’t Drink and Fly a Sleigh

You can find Santa promoting a variety of products around the holidays. His likeness is plastered on sodas, chips, toys, books, and more. However, the state of Ohio forbids the use of Santa in alcoholic ads. The law also includes the use of children in such ads, which makes sense, but Santa? He will have to wait till he makes it back home safe and sound to the North Pole before enjoying a nightcap.

If you give a Moose a Coors…

In the wild and rugged state of Alaska, you often have the chance to interact with nature face to face. There are moose roaming free all over, even in Anchorage, the state’s largest city. Although these animals are very powerful and it is best to avoid contact with them, if you do happen to get close enough to share your drink with one, don’t. Alaska state law says that it is illegal to give moose beer, which is for the best. No one wants to see what angry drunk antlers are capable of.

Ballots Open, Bottles Closed

In South Carolina, there was a longstanding law that alcohol was not to be sold or consumed on Election Day. Apparently, this stemmed from the fact that polling stations used to be located in bars and they wanted to prevent candidates from buying votes with drinks. Yet, it also worked to help keep everyone thinking clear at the ballot box.

Don’t Drink and Drive, just Drive-Thru

If you don’t live in a state that has drive-thru liquor stores, the idea seems preposterous. In fact, in Texas, there are even places you can get a frozen cocktail at a drive-thru window. Of course, you are not to consume said cocktail while driving, and to avoid any open container laws businesses will cover drinks, tape the lid down, and of course give you your straw on the side to—you know—drink when you get home. Because drunk drivers are much more likely to cause an accident than a sober driver, it’s important to wait to drink your beverage–even if you did get it from a drive thru.

As times change, laws change too and many strange laws arise from isolated incidents. Be sure to stay up to date on current laws and, of course, drink safely!

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