4 Ways To Get Cash In A Pinch


Life happens. We get it. When the worst happens to you, it usually comes with a big price tag attached. Cars break down, people get sick, and sometimes plain bad luck strikes. When this happens, you can feel a lot of stress as you struggle to scrape together the cash you need to meet your needs. While we can’t promise it will fix everything, here are a few ways for you to get cash in a pinch.


Get a Side Gig or Freelancer Work

In some cases, you can get an immediate side gig that can put money in your hand. A major benefit of this is that the cash is your own, rather than money that you need to pay back. Some side gig ideas are to use your vehicle for ridesharing, babysit your neighbor’s kids, and more. You need help, so do not be afraid to ask for it. You can also sign up for freelancing websites if you have any creative skill and fill art commissions or writer work for a quick payday. The benefit of these kinds of jobs is the usually near immediate payout after completing the work.


Sell Unneeded Items

If you have any unneeded items cluttering up space in your house, or you decide there is anything you do not want or need anymore, one of the best things you can do is sell it for cash. For example, you may have an old cell phone that has value to it, or an old bike you only used once. Look for items around the house that you could sell, and research the best way to sell them quickly. You can use your own network of friends or family to sell the items, set up a yard sale, or sell the things you have on hand online for some money. If you may need to get the items back in the near future, consider a pawn shop as you will usually be able to buy the things back for a short time after pawning them.


Cash in on Precious Metals

Many people have precious metals that they no longer need, can no longer use, or the immediate crisis. This may include broken gold or silver chains, old rings that you inherited from a relative and even dental gold like gold crowns and bridges. Keep in mind that when you sell the watches, rings, etc. that the item is being valued for the metal it is made of, not the actual worth of the object. For watches, that means the clockwork on the inside likely isn’t going to be considered when measuring the value of the gold, while for rings and dental gold, the purity of the gold is the most considered factor.

An additional source of precious metals would be electronics. If you have an old broken cell phone, laptop, or tablet at home, don’t throw it away just yet! It is believed that one of the biggest wastes of precious metals in the world is the disposal of electronic devices. Got a friend who is just going to throw out that old broken screen? Why not offer to take it off his hands for him? Please keep in mind the price of precious metals varies from day to day so the cost of the gold or silver will fluctuate with each estimate.


Get Cash From Others

Perhaps the most immediate way to get money is to ask others for it. If friends and family are not available, a good idea is to speak with your boss about a cash advance of your paycheck. This has the benefit of actually being your money and not a loan you have to pay back. Loans should be considered a last resort. Short term loans often have high-interest rates associated with them and can create more problems than they are worth, but if you are in desperate need of the money it is an option.


Living paycheck to paycheck is not ideal, but it is the reality of many Americans. Living paycheck to paycheck means that when an emergency happens, it can be challenging to get the money that you need together to get through it. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm and plan carefully. We hope these tips will prove helpful should you ever find yourself in that kind of situation in your life.




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