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4 Precautions You Should Take Before An Extended Vacation


Vacations are one of the most anticipated events for both families and individuals alike. While most vacations tend to last for a few days or a couple of weeks, some people enjoy taking extended vacations that could last months. If you’re planning to take an extended vacation this year, then here are four precautions to take before leaving.

1. Get Insured

Traveling abroad poses many different threats to your health. If you become ill or injured while traveling internationally, you are financially responsible for your medical bills. With traveler’s medical insurance, you can adventure abroad with emergency medical protection. This type of medical insurance will pay portions of your medical bills, reimburse you for lost luggage, and pay for an emergency evacuation should the country you’re visiting enter into a crisis. Take the time to shop around for the the best travel insurance to meet your needs.

2. Prepare Your Documents

International travel involves more regulations and documentation than domestic travel. Before you purchase your travel tickets, be sure to prepare all the documents you need. Travel documents typically include your passport, entry visa (if applicable), travel insurance papers, immunization records, and boarding passes. Research your destination to ensure that you have everything you need to travel safely. Also, be sure to make at least two copies of all of these documents. Carry the copies with you and leave the originals in your hotel room.

3. Get Your Shots

Certain countries around the world suffer from different outbreaks of disease. Other countries aren’t as developed as the rest of the world, which may cause them to have less-than-adequate food and water supplies. Regardless of the reason, certain countries will require that you are up to date on your  immunizations before departing. Customs officials may ask you to provide proof of your immunizations.

4. Store Valuables Off-Property

Extended vacations can leave your home vulnerable to theft. If you plan to travel for more than three weeks, it would be a good idea to put certain belongings in a storage unit for added protection. STOR-N-LOCK advises that “while no place is theft-proof, storage facilities with added protection can help reduce the risk of losing your valued items to break-ins.” For peace of mind, sign a short-term lease and store your expensive electronics, jewelry, firearms, heirlooms, and other valuables while you’re gone.


Your long-awaited vacation is definitely a time to relax and let loose, but it’s important to prepare for your trip. By taking these four precautions, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.


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