3 Ways to Slay Your Next Audition


p>Auditioning for a role is both nerve-wracking and exciting, especially if it’s a role you’ve had your heart set on landing. However, don’t let your nerves get the best of you. We’re here to offer three tips that will help you slay your next audition.

Tailor to Your Character

Actors don’t land the role they want because they perform their audition according to the script and directing instructions perfectly. Instead, according to Backstage, they often get hired for a role because they know the character and make it their own. Take Johnny Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow, for example. The character is loved by millions because it combines Depp’s eccentric personality with Sparrow’s. You must do the same with the part you audition for. A great way to do this is to consider how you would personalize the character. Things like facial expressions, inflections, and body language are great ways to tailor your character according to your unique acting skills and strengths.

Include a Stellar Headshot

We would like to think that our talent, skills, experience, and education would speak for themselves when it comes to landing any role, but the fact remains that casting directors judge us according to our appearance first. According to Brian K Creative, headshots are the first impression you make on a casting director, which means a good one can help you get the part, but a bad one can prevent you from being cast. Invest in a professional and reputable photographer and purchase several different shots for your portfolio. For these headshots, wear light makeup, style your hair professionally, wear solid colors and have a neutral background to ensure your photos are free of distractions. You’ll also want some for your social media platforms because casting directors may look you up after your audition.

Confidence Is Key

When it comes time to audition, communicate and perform with confidence. According to Project Casting, you should first understand what the casting director is looking for. Casting directors want to hire someone who is a good fit for the role as well as an actor who won’t be second-guessing their every move. Not to mention, confidence says you know the role well, you can deliver what the director is looking for, and you have practiced for the chance to play the part.

There are many other ways you can slay your audition. For instance, you can be courteous to others, show your distinct personality, investigate the company and production you’re applying with, and much more.

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