3 Ways to Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather Events


Natural disasters seem to be on the rise, and you never know when the next big storm will hit. The worst time to realize your home isn’t ready is when it’s too late. Don’t let the next extreme weather event take you by surprise. Be prepared, and you and your house will be able to withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are gateways to your home, but they should be firmly shut to storms. These vulnerable spots are frequent culprits when it comes to allowing adverse weather to penetrate your home. There are several ways to fortify your doors and windows. If you live in hurricane territory, you can install hurricane shield film and storm shutters to your windows. Another option is to change out your traditional windows for high-impact ones.

If you experience extreme winters, make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. You can caulk or weatherstrip them to block drafts. Consider investing in high-efficiency doors and windows to save money in the long run.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Most weatherproofing takes place naturally when you keep up with routine home maintenance. Change filters regularly and clean vents to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Drain built-up sediment from your water heater every year to make sure that you have warm water on the coldest of days.

The exterior of your home needs regular maintenance as well. Keep your gutters free of debris and trim trees away from the house. Shield your driveway and patio from the elements by sealing them annually. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from extreme weather and normal wear and tear.

Purchase Emergency Equipment

Often, people don’t think about putting together safety essentials until they are faced with catastrophe. You can be prepared by having a few useful items on hand. Consider acquiring a water-pump, a back-up sump pump, and heavy-duty fans for possible flooding. Invest in a generator, space heaters, a good flashlight, and rock salt for snow and ice storms. Keep a roll of plastic available in the case of shattered windows. Purchase a fire extinguisher and make certain your smoke detectors are up to code. And it is always a good idea to store several days’ worth of food and water.

The Boy Scout motto is a great one for homeowners. Be prepared! As the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once a storm hits, it is too late to prepare. Be ready now for any possibility. You’ll find that the peace of mind you get from your preparations will be well worth the effort.

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