3 Way to Be a Better Gift Giver


Giving gifts should be a fun way to show your love to the people you care about, but if you don’t feel like you are good at choosing gifts it can just be a source of stress. It can feel like people are either naturally good at giving gifts or not, but it is actually a skill that you can develop with practice. As you develop this skill you will start to have more insight into the kinds of gifts the people you love actually enjoy.

Know What They Need

Some of the best gifts are things that people need. The best way to give someone something they need is to find the balance between the necessary and the fun. A beautiful scale, tool, or kitchen implement can serve an important purpose while also adding beauty and fun to a home. Bear in mind that different people give and receive presents in different ways, and a hit gift for one person might be a huge miss for another. Talk to your friends and family members and learn about their needs. Keep note of the things they need so that you have a list to pull from whenever you need to buy them a gift.

Know Their Hobbies

If you know that a friend or relative has a particular hobby, it can give you a variety of gifting ideas that they will actually appreciate. Take time to learn about your loved ones’ hobbies so you can have a steady stream of gift ideas to choose from. A single hobby can give you endless ideas for potential gifts. For example, if the person loves golf, they might appreciate some gloves to help them play golf in the cold.

Know What They Want but Won’t Buy for Themselves

One of the best ways to pick a gift for someone is finding out the items that are too much of a splurge to justify buying them themselves. If you know that your friend loves a luxurious bath but doesn’t usually have the money for nice bath accompaniments, that can be an awesome gift. Or if your sister has been eyeing soft but expensive pajamas that she will never buy for herself, that’s another great option. The best gifts are something that the person really loves but may not find it worth it to purchase on their own right now.

Choosing a good gift can take time and effort. But as you develop your skills as a listener and gift giver, you will start to become more comfortable with figuring out what someone will love. Then you can build a reputation as someone who is amazing at giving the perfect gifts.

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