3 Warning Signs of Oncoming Aggression to Watch Out for in Your Family Pet


When it comes to owning a pet, it can be enjoyable to have a companion in the home with a four-legged friend that is both loyal and loving. Unfortunately, pets are still animals and can be prone to aggression when they feel threatened. Here are a few of the top warning signs to look for to determine if you own an aggressive pet.


Guarding is one of the top warning signs of aggression. You may notice that the dog begins to guard a specific area in the home or certain possessions from family members and guests. This can become a dangerous situation because it can put children in danger since they could inadvertently come between the guarded object and the pet. According to Doggie Lawn, the guarding may also be accompanied by growling or bared teeth. Over time, the area that is guarded can begin to expand, or there may be new objects that the dog wants to protect that you’re not aware of, which can put you in danger of getting attacked.

Body Language

A dog bite is avoidable, it’s important to monitor the animal’s body language to determine if they’ve become aggressive and are about to act out violently. In many cases, their stance indicates if they’re about to bite someone in their proximity. According to Groth Law Firm, if the person who was bit did something to provoke the dog, the law recognizes that there may have been some contributory negligence on the victim which means that in a personal injury case the dog owner would not necessarily be held 100% responsible for what happened.

Wagging Tail

Many people mistake a wagging tail as a sign of a dog being friendly. However, according to The Dog Training Secret, this can also be a sign of aggression that is meant to be a warning to those around the pet. They can often wag their tail up until the moment of a dog bite. Check to see if the rest of their body is rigid with their tail pointed high. When they’re acting friendly, the rest of their body will be relaxed and at ease. Their fur may also be raised and sticking straight up, which indicates that it’s time to back off.

Although it can be challenging to know if the dog that you own is naturally aggressive, there are a few signs to look for after bringing it into your home. Dogs don’t act out without warning, which will allow you to protect yourself. If you’re observant of your pet’s behavior and act appropriately, you will be much better off.

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