3 Tips for Solving Business Problems While Traveling


Whether your phone rings when you are traveling for business or for pleasure, you must prepare yourself for what could be waiting for you when you answer. In the worst-case scenario, it could be someone calling because there is a crisis going on at the office that needs your immediate attention. There are ways to deal with these situations, though. Check out these three tips for solving business problems while you’re traveling.

Have Good Management

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of hiring a capable and reliable team. You must set in place management that can handle the responsibilities of their roles. They should also be able to make sound decisions without a lot of oversight or micromanaging.

As a business owner, you have the deciding vote on all business processes, projects and culture. But, having a good management team frees you up to handle the growth aspects of the company. If you have such a team in place, you will receive fewer calls asking for help to resolve business problems while you are traveling.

Diagram to Find the Root of the Problem

If you receive a call from your office that needs your attention while you are traveling, you might have difficulty visualizing the problem. A clever idea in that case is to diagram the information. A type of diagram that is incredibly useful is the fishbone, which is also known as an Ishikawa diagram.

Its purpose is to find the cause and effect of any problem. It helps you visualize what is happening by putting the information into categories. There are many examples of using a fishbone diagram that you can find in order to be able to get to the root of your problem.

In manufacturing, for example, this type of diagram could help cut excessive waste. You can categorize your machines and find the root cause of excess waste production. Then, you can figure out if your company can improve processes to produce less waste.

Prepare Your Team Before You Leave

Being needed is a good thing. Whether it is your advice, guidance or approval, if your team seeks you out, it means that you are still important to your company. At the same time, you should prepare your team for your absence and empower them to make decisions. If they can keep things running smoothly when you’re away, it means that you’ve put the right people in place.

When you travel, you can do so with confidence that your business will keep running smoothly despite the inevitable problems that crop up.

Not only do you want your business to run smoothly while you’re away, but also while you’re there. Check out these pieces of technology that can help your business in various aspects.

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