3 Things to Know About Personal Loans


Personal loans can be helpful in the right situations. However, take one out for the wrong need and you may end up paying more than necessary for an expense. As with any loan, it’s important to read the terms of each before signing. You want to ensure the terms are good for you and prevent problems like unexpected fees. Here are three of the most critical things to know about personal loans.

They’re Suited for Short-Term Needs

Personal loans aren’t ideal for long-term needs because the total cost can make them expensive. Monthly payments with personal loans are larger so that you pay less in overall interest. Personal loans are good for debt consolidation, car repairs, bills and basic expenses, home repairs, and career development.

For instance, you can advance your career by taking a course that opens more opportunities and makes you more valuable to the company. If you have been unemployed, you can also take out a personal loan to cover your basic needs while searching for a new job. Examples of expenses that personal loans are bad for include new cars, weddings, and vacations. They’re best suited for emergencies and career advancement.


They Aren’t Secured (Usually)

Because of their unsecured nature, personal loans often come with higher interest rates to offset the increased risk the lender is taking. The lender doesn’t receive collateral like it does for a secured loan. This is a pro and a con. You don’t need to put up anything as collateral, but you’ll have higher interest rates.

If you have good credit and a steady income, then you can get a lower interest rate. Interest rates for personal loans vary widely from 3.34% to 35.99%. Most personal loans have fixed interest rates, which means they will stay the same each month. A variable interest rate fluctuates based on the market.


Some Personal Loans Come With Fees

Read all of the details of a loan before following through. Some of them have fees you wouldn’t expect, such as a prepayment penalty. You most likely don’t want a loan that has a prepayment penalty because you’ll be charged a fee for making an early payment. Choose a loan that doesn’t have this fee because you can save on interest when you’re able to pay it off sooner than expected. Another potential fee to watch out for is origination. The origination fee is charged for processing your loan.


Personal loans are great for emergency cash when you don’t have enough in savings. The most important thing to remember is that you should always read the terms carefully before committing to a loan. You don’t want to be hit with unexpected fees. You should also stick to using personal loans for short-term needs. This will let you pay it off faster, and you’ll save money on the overall loan. 

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