3 Things to Consider When Deciding Between an Online and In-Person Course


Furthering your education is important no matter your age. Fortunately, today there are so many options both in-person and online. When deciding between online and in-person you should consider your schedule, your learning needs, and the cost.

Your Schedule

Your schedule can be a determinant of which type of course you should take. In-person courses are very structured. Typically, they will meet at the same day and time each week and will have structured work deadlines. Online courses offer much more flexibility. Online courses do not usually have a set schedule to meet as a class. This offers you the flexibility to complete course work at your own pace and on your own timing. Sometimes there are deadlines to meet periodically if it is a more structured course, or some courses are completely self-study with no set complete date.

Your Learning Needs

You need to consider your learning needs when choosing what type of course to take. If you are self-motivated, you may consider an online class. An online class is a great option for learning the material at your own pace and on your own time.  While online classes offer flexibility, a classroom has a professional available to answer questions. An instructor may be able to explain concepts more thoroughly. An in-person course also has others around you who you can study with to further learn the material. A classroom may also give you the ability to learn in a more hands-on style.


The cost of your course can be a deciding factor when choosing between online and in-person. An in-person course is generally more money from the start because there are building, parking lot, and maintenance staff costs. In-person costs also require the costs of travel. An online course will help save you money in transportation. Online courses can be cheaper because there are not many added costs of operating the course. You should research the cost of the courses and factor in any travel costs to see what will fit your budget.

There are so many options for courses that doing some research will help you find the right one for you. Many offerings both in-person and online can help you get the education you need. When considering which kind of course to take; your schedule, your learning needs, and the cost are important factors that can help you decide.

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