3 Things They Never Tell You About Your Teen’s First Car


Once your child hits the driving age, they are going to likely start asking for their own vehicle. While this is an exciting season of life for both the child and parents, it is important to make the right decisions when choosing that first vehicle. Here are three things that the experts never tell you about your teen’s first car:

It’s Probably Gonna Break

This is not the time to buy your teen an expensive vehicle; there are lots of great options with a low cost. You should expect a starter car to become damaged over the course of the teen’s driving experience. Teenagers are notoriously messy and it is not surprising that many will not take care of their vehicle to your standards. It is recommended to find a low-cost vehicle that can withstand the rigors of teenage driving. This is why it’s so important to find a safe one that can handle the habits of teenage drivers.

Think Connectivity

Today’s teenagers have grown up with the convenience of always being connected to their smartphones. Distracted driving is a major issue for teen drivers because they are not used to having to part from the functions and services of their phone for extended periods of time. You can help to mitigate the dangers of distracted driving by equipping their first vehicle with various connectivity features. Adding options such as Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capabilities will ensure that they keep their hands on the steering wheel and not on their phones. This will create a safer driving experience for your child because they will not be tempted to always be reaching for their phone.

Consider the Hidden Costs

In addition to the actual purchase price of the vehicle, you will want to consider the overall cost of ownership. Some of the hidden costs that you want to look out for include the price to fill up the vehicle with gasoline, insurance premiums and maintenance costs. Although you may feel safer putting your teen in a big SUV, you are going to pay for it at the pump and with insurance premiums. By examining the total cost of ownership, you will get a better idea of how much the vehicle will cost you when all factors are taken into consideration.

Handing the keys over to your child can be a scary experience. It’s hard to know what kind of car is best for your teenager. However, with the right research and decision making, you can ensure that you have selected the best vehicle for your new driver.

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