3 Seemingly Harmless Habits More Dangerous Than You Think


Some of the worst habits we can take on are constantly being shown to us. The dangers of smoking are on every billboard, television, and magazine ad you could find. Drink responsibly can also be found through these mediums. However, nobody warns us about some of the most seemingly harmless habits: habits that we know are bad but don’t really understand or have told how bad they are. The following list entails three of those habits that you may have not even thought of as dangerous.

Burning the Midnight Oil

The habit of burning the midnight oil usually began for most of us during our college years. Long nights studying for the big exam or doing an all-nighter to finish that essay that’s due in the morning may have prompted this habit. That habit of having to finish everything in one night has led to the introduction of adults in the working place doing the same. However, this habit that many would see as hard working can be very dangerous. The high stress and irritability often lead to road rage, which is very dangerous. Other dangers include high blood pressure, overeating of carbs, and caffeinated drinks. We highly recommend getting a full night’s rest every day. Trust us; your mental health, metabolism, and overall energy will thank you.


Although we aren’t saying that eating better is a bad thing, taking the wrong approach to eating better can be very dangerous. A healthy eating lifestyle is just that: a lifestyle. Diets are short-term and can really do a number on your metabolism and overall mental health. Evidence shows that yo-yo dieting can lead to a higher risk of metabolic diseases. In addition, rapid loss of weight can lead to you getting sicker a lot more often. Other side effects of diets not taken into consideration are the lack of nutrients being consumed for basic daily function. This means you’ll feel more lethargic and unmotivated throughout the day.

Sitting All Day

One of the misconceptions about sitting all day is that as long as you eat right and get plenty of rest, then sitting for prolonged periods of time shouldn’t affect you that much. Unfortunately, this is a very false conception, and the habit of sitting for durations can be very dangerous to your health. Data has proven that people who sit all day on their computers can, in fact, increase their chances of heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Our best recommendation is to simply set a timer where you can take some time to walk around and stretch a little before going back to work.

The dangerous of certain habits may not be readily visible to us; luckily, over time, science has begun to present concrete evidence to suggest that they can be as dangerous as other more well-known bad habits. Take back your life by understanding your present bad habits and learning to either work to lower their negative impact on your health or ditch them altogether.

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