3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Guatemala


Located between the touristy area of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and travel hotspot Belize is Guatemala. This diverse Central American country deserves serious consideration for your next travel adventure. From hiking towering mountains to sunning yourself on the beach, Guatemala is a magical experience. Here are three top reasons that you should absolutely visit Guatemala.

Historical Wonder

Guatemala is a country with a rich history and culture. One of the top attractions in Guatemala is the historical Tikal Mayan Ruin site. This wonder is located deep in the jungle and is best experienced early in the morning, says travel blogger A Lady in London. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient capital of Antigua is also a must-see destination when you’re in Guatemala. Featuring classic Spanish ruins, this area also allows you to soak up the welcoming culture of this country. For a truly authentic experience, be sure to wander the streets and sample some of the mouth-watering street food.

Natural Beauty

Boasting green rainforests, towering volcanoes and sandy beaches, Guatemala offers up plenty of stunning natural beauty to take in. Surrounded by volcanoes, Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan is unlike any other wonder in the world. Climb to the summit of the Ipala Volcano, and you will be rewarded with a sparkling lagoon that provides the perfect place to cool down after your hike. After your day exploring the dramatic features of this country, be sure to relax with a cup of genuine Guatemalan coffee. Some of the best coffee in the world comes from this area, according to Biarte Coffee. The coffee is such an important part of the region that the economic development of the cities is dependant on it.


Because of its relative obscurity compared to some of the hotter travel destinations, there are still a myriad of good deals to be had in Guatemala. You can find lodging accommodations at a variety of price points. While it’s possible to experience a first-class resort, you can also use a hostel. Quetzalroo explains that hostels can be an opportunity to share cultures which can greatly enrich your travel experience. In addition, many of Guatemala’s attractions and experiences are free of charge, allowing you to see a lot without spending a lot.

Whether you are looking to take in some of the planet’s most undisturbed beauty, explore historical ruins or immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, Guatemala will deliver on all fronts. It is easy to see why so many discerning travelers make this destination top on their list. We hope you can plan an incredible vacation with our travel tips and big dreams.

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