3 Hobbies to Take Up During Your Retirement


With retirement fast approaching, one of the things that you’re probably looking forward to is all that time that you don’t have to spend working to earn money anymore. That’s time that you could put towards any of your own personal projects, spending time with family, or even picking up a new hobby. But what sort of hobbies are worth taking up?


Fishing is arguably one of the classic retirement hobbies. You can spend hours sitting by the side of a lake or river, or even wade right in, depending on your preferred type of fishing. The sound of moving water is sure to be relaxing. Many people find fishing to be a great way to relieve stress, which means it’s good for your mental health in addition to being good for you physically. You could even learn to make your own lures, giving you a creative outlet on top of it all.


If there were ever to be a hobby that was even more of a classic retirement hobby than fishing, it would have to be golf. Like fishing, golf can be a good way to stay physically active and can give your mental health a boost. As long as you have the right equipment and clothing, you can play a good game of golf even when it’s cold out. Gloves can help you stay warm while playing golf in cold weather. They can help you grip your clubs better too, especially in warm weather when your hands may become a little slippery.

Painting or Drawing

For those looking to slow down and take up a less physically active hobby, painting or drawing may be a good option (though of course, you could still find yourself moving around quite a lot if you’re working with a large canvas). It’s the perfect way to let your inner artist out to play, and with all the different painting mediums to choose from, you shouldn’t find yourself getting bored anytime soon. Pick your paints, or pencils, grab your canvas or paper, and get to expressing yourself. Feel free to check out a video tutorial or two to teach yourself new techniques.

Taking up a hobby in retirement isn’t quite like taking one up during any other point of your adult life. In retirement, you actually have time to slow down and devote to your chosen pursuits. Whether you choose fishing, golf, painting, drawing, or something else altogether, make it something you’ll find joy in, both in the moment and in the memories you create while doing it.

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