3 Best Microbreweries in Houston


When you think of visiting Houston, Texas, some of the first things that may come to mind are the Space Center Houston or the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. These attractions are nice, but a visit to one of Houston’s breweries should be high on your list of stops to make. Thanks to a booming industry, breweries offering craft beer selections ranging from the lightest American pale ale to the hefty and heady stout, abound in the Bayou City. Here are three of the best microbreweries in town.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

The oldest brewery in Houston, the Saint Arnold Brewing Company, is considered by many to be the best of the top craft Houston breweries. Full-flavored beers dominate the menu that includes 12 year-round brews and seven seasonal choices, such as Kölsch, lagers, American IPAs, amber ales, and pale ales. The brewery’s Divine Reserve Series is a selection of single-batch beers that feature big, bold flavor. Its Bishop’s Barrel Series consists of barrel-aged beers that distinctive flavor is based on the barrel characteristics. The 25th Anniversary Grand Cru is a blend of three bourbon barrel-aged beers and celebrates the brewery’s long-standing history in the community while giving thanks to its patrons.

The brewery has now moved into a new and larger facility that offers an expanded beer and food menu. The interior is cathedral-like with its tall arched ceilings and original “stained glass” artwork. When the weather permits, you can enjoy the outdoor beer garden with its picnic tables and lawn games.

The Lone Pint Brewery

The Lone Pint Brewery is dedicated to creating tasty drinkable beers, and its popularity proves it is succeeding. Although still young, since its opening in 2012, the brother and sister co-owners have crafted their beers with distinction, using raw whole cone hops for flavor. This has resulted in the year-round selection and the limited releases of specialty beers. These beers have memorable names like “Neighbor of the Beast,” “Yellow Rose,” “Gentleman’s Relish,” “Jabberwocky,” and “Tornado Shark.”

The brewery’s Knecht Ruprecht Series is a single batch inspired by the holidays that changes each year. The Zythophile Lone Hop Series was developed to take advantage of all the different types of hops being developed. A different hop ale is released a few times a year, so you may want to time your visit accordingly.

Brash Brewing Company

Started in 2015, the Brash Brewing Company is known for its potent and hoppy beers. Favorite beers include the Pussy Wagon IPA, EZ-7 American Pale Ale, Cali Green IPA, and the Smoglifter stout. If you’re looking for something lighter, try one of the other local Texas beers the brewery has on tap. The tucked-away location may be a little hard to find, but the large warehouse setting with its video arcade and expansive outdoor area is worth the trouble. Enjoy your time exploring these three microbreweries, but please don’t drink and drive.

Houston has a lot to offer, including its wide selection of beers. Each of the breweries highlighted above serve standout craft beer of consistent quality, boast knowledgeable employees, and provide excellent customer service. So when you’re stopped in Houston, have yourself a night out on the town and give one of these three places a try.

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