3 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home


Deep cleaning your home is important because it helps get rid of built-up dirt and bacteria. Deep cleaning will not only leave your home a healthier environment but will also help it smell fresh. Three areas to deep clean in your home are the kitchen, bathroom, and common areas.

The Kitchen

Before you deep clean your kitchen, you need to do basic cleaning tasks. This includes washing dishes and putting them away. You should clear your counter from any clutter and move away small appliances or decorations. Move anything away that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Organize your pantry, cupboards, drawers, and clean out your fridge and freezer. Start your clean by wiping down your appliances, sink, counter, and cabinets. Wipe out the shelves in the fridge and freezer. Finish by sweeping and mopping the floors.

The Bathroom

While your bathroom should be cleaned once a week, you should deep clean once a month. Your weekly cleanings will help it look better and prevent built up dirt and grime and your monthly cleaning will help with problem areas and get rid of germs you may have missed. First clear any clutter from the surfaces so you don’t miss spots. Vacuum away dust and then wipe down surfaces with a disinfectant or other cleaner. Give your shower, toilet, and floors a good scrub. You should make sure the products are safe for the sewer system before cleaning.

Common Areas

Common areas are an important place to deep clean because they get a lot of traffic. To start your deep clean, you should clean off clutter on surfaces such as end tables or shelves and wipe the dust off. You should wipe off dust from baseboards, blinds, and fans. Your electronics are also dust-collectors which will need to be wiped down. Any wood furniture should be polished. Next you should move cushions off the couch to vacuum up crumbs and dust. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet and if you want to take it a step further you can get your carpets cleaned or shampoo them yourself.

Deep cleaning your home will leave it feeling and smelling better. It will also ensure a healthy environment, free from dust, allergens, and potentially mold and mildew. Prioritizing deep cleans for your most used areas is important because these can have the most germs, however, don’t forget other areas of your home.

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