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25 Most Sought After Pokémon Cards of All Time


I used to see kids around me trade Pokémon cards like they were candy. They cared about winning the game and not the financial worth of a card. What they and I didn’t know was that years later those cards would be very valuable. So much money that I’m sure some of those kids who are now adults wish they still had certain cards.

I’m looking back over some old cards, I have noticed more coverage on how much the cards are selling for all over the world. What I and I’m guessing other people have wondered is what makes certain cards more valuable than others and more popular to buy. Does an error add or decrease value? The 25 most expensive Pokémon cards have many factors that go into deciding what is most expensive. Factors such as eBay sales data, popularity of characters, card condition and the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) grading system number determines what makes a card expensive.

The 25 cards listed are the rarest and most sought after in the card collecting community. Though the price listed does not include shipping costs or insured value. Remember as demand changes so does what a seller can make on the market. These numbers can change daily depending on what a buyer feels like paying.

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