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You won’t believe what these common Dreams mean.

What Your Dreams Are Really Telling You
Understanding our dreams helps us realize problems in our lives so that we can solve them, they gives us inspiration, they drive us, they can give us a picture of our own health.

Usually, we interpret our simply. The explanation for why we dreamed what we did is connected to something that happened in our lives, usually during the previous day.

But sometimes, the symbols in our dreams that we think we know and understand carry another meaning entirely.

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    So there were quite a few typos (the very first line of the first page is an example) and grammatical errors (penultimate page has the wrong “your”, etc.) that need addressing and some of the sayings that you’ve used are ridiculous and definitely uncommon if not entirely made up… I’ve also never heard of some of these kind of dreams before but the advice on why you’re having those kind of dreams seems often contradictory.

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    Didnt really work for me, i often remember nothing or possibly never dream. But i do remember a dream about a year ago, i was stuck between mountain ranges on a huge valley of grass at night and i was Approached by a military vehicle with several soldiers inside and a briliant flash of light from their vehicle. Then i woke up but the dream felt kinda fun till the confrontation. It also seeemed it lasted for hrs, maybe my type of dreams are stranger then common ones who knows.

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    Valid points were hit upon to make you think. I was once told you could get sold of the answers you are looking for in your dreams. Being a person that happens to dream a lot, and very vividly, I learned to really pay attention to my dreams.
    Having done a paper on dreams, and researching the theories behind them, from Freud, Jung, etc., I have to say the theory in the article about the snakes in your dreams was not something I had heard before. I did go through a spell of dreams with snakes in them, which I am terrified of, the article made me remember that at the time of these dreams, I had a boyfriend that did a 180 in our relationship and started to become insanely jealous and controlling. Totally see the sign of venoumous there! I was getting my answer in my dreams, should have listened sooner than later to that.

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    I also raomed around looking at boulders and a neighborhood in the distance on a petruding cul-de-sac. It was on some raised land surrounded by boulders and Cactus, so i was condemned to wander the grassy valley under the stars.

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    I recently had a dream about a snake getting in a hotel floor my whole family was staying on. And I was a monstrous snake. I was really the only person terrified.
    I’ve never had a dream about teeth falling out but, I have had dreams about my mouth being stuck painfully shutting the worst possible time and no matter how hard I try I can’t open it. I feel the pain even after I wake up.

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      In my culture, snake dreams mean if you’re not careful, you’re going to get pregnant. Also teeth falling out means lost of money or money struggles.

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    Repeated dream from childhood.

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    In my culture, dreaming about death is a sign that the person who died will get healthier. If you dream about snake then it means that you’re going to get pregnant but only if it bites you. And if you dream about looking for a new house, it means to be careful because death is approaching.

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    I had a premonition dream about my parents and nephew dying in fatal car accident in 1996.Woke up so upset and couldn’t fall back asleep. Got the phone call few hours later. Never had anything like that before or after. Hopefully never again.

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    What do these mean? I’ve been having dreams like this since I was 8 yrs old:
    I have dreams that sometimes come true in a way, like I had a dream where my sister (who was in another state for military training) came home on a red bus filled with friends she made there.
    A month later she shows up at the house, with red roses, and talks about how mush fun her bus ride here with her friends.
    Sometimes I’ll see people in my dreams that just smile at me, big, chilling smiles with wide eyes just walking down the street.
    There was a time where someone was in my dream and when I went to Arizona (a place I’ve never been before) I saw them in a café with the exact same outfit and hairstyle.
    I’ve even seen my demons, they’ll be there when someone gets hurt.

    • Sage Hansen

      Same!!!!! I had a dream a few years ago when I was like, oh day seven. And I’m now fourteen, I had completely forgotten about this particular dream. It had to do with me being on a bus and there was this bus assistant lady. And then this current school year I had that same dream again after I met, or saw my schools bus aid Hailey, and I realized that she had been the one in my dreams all of those many many years ago lol lmfao.

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    My dreams aren’t listed either. I don’t dream often, or if I do I don’t remember anything when I wake up, but when I do remember a dream it usually involves someone, or usually a small group of people, attacking me or someone I care about. But it’s never about being a victim, in every single dream like that I imagine what I would do to the attackers and end up either killing them or incapacitating them. No idea why so violent. Other than that, I sometimes dream some random normal stuff, and a couple of weeks later something from that dream will actually happen in real life exactly like the dream, like deja vu. So weird.

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    I don’t like that little sexist “most likely it’s a male” venous snake bringing stress and worry and toxidity. Guessing a female wrote this then. I agree with most everything else but with that lol that’s very narrowminded. What if it’s a girl that has a wife and her wife does that? What if it’s a guy that has a wife and his wife does all that? Sneaking sexism in there like that. I’m going through life just about everyday coming across some kind of sexist be it online or irl and they’re usually proud and arrogant fully meaning to offend me in what they say. Sexism is just like racism. Just gender instead of skin color and it’s not cool. Girls aren’t angels, girls do alot of the stuff they post sexist attacks accusing guys of doing. We are both human we both do shit. Some more than others, some hardly at all yet because of their gender

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    I have this recurring dream where i am being chased by a wolf (always a wolf) in diffrent places each time and it always catches me and when i wake up im curled up under the blankets with bite marks on my arms or legs. did i do that?

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    Also i once had a dream at the hospital when i was little for being sick with something. the dream was also in the hospital, but in the childrens play area. there was this little boy who asked me “are you dead too?” i was confused so i asked him the same thing and he said “yes, but i cant go to heaven because mommy is still sad that im gone. will you tell her that im okay?” i said sure and i woke up. there was a woman standing outside my room crying with the same hair color and skin color as the little boy. my parents had gone to get something to eat so they werent there. i got up out of my bed and walked over to her in the hallway and said “ma’am, your son wanted me to tell you he was okay” she looked at me in disbelief and i just walked back to my room and went back to bed. i had another dream in the same place and the little boy was back and he told me thank you. i never heard from him agian or had a dream like that agian. i just hope that if he was really dead that he got a good spot in heaven.

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    my last one was to do with a woman with unkept hair and lipstick like a clown … way past the shape of her lips and a picture of a man and a blonde girl with very short hair getting it cut looking oat the picture of a male figure and the person cutting the hair was breathing very heavily the clown was like mummy dearest It was creepy and it was very real .. like I could almost reach out and touch them . I could feel the breath but it wasn’t me .. ?
    What does this mean

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    What about dreams of swimming inside your own home. Underwater the entire time. Never have to breath oxygen. Is this from a little one before we climbed out of the oceans?

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    things that occurred. We had no doors on the 2nd floor rooms, except for the bathroom.
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